If you are thinking of getting a great credit card, a lot of people will recommend a Juniper credit card. This is because there are tons of credit card benefits that you can get while using their services. Juniper Bank has partnered with lots of companies to be able to offer numerous services to their members. Card holders can get great benefits from using their card in the participating stores.

Here are just some of the benefits offered by the company:
•    Rewards Program
Juniper Bank has partnered with big companies to enable card users to obtain reward points for every transaction that they make on the participating companies. Some of the big companies that Juniper Bank has partnered with are Apple iTunes, ATA Airways, Orbitz, Travelocity, Best Western and more. Credit card holders can enjoy redeeming rewards from the points that they have accumulated over their card purchases.

Juniper offers 1,000 bonus miles for every $1,000.00 balance transferred to a Juniper card, though, there is a fee charged for every transaction.

•    Transaction Transparency
Aside from getting loads of reward points, card holders can view all the transactions they have made, thus, enabling card holders to determine fraudulent activities and manage their finances more efficiently.

•    Lower Late Fees
One of the best Juniper credit card benefits that card holders enjoy most is the low late fees. Juniper Bank charges low late fees that are below industry average so it means bigger savings for the card users, particularly the ones that pay their bills a little behind schedule.

•    Quite Accessible to Everyone
Juniper credit cards are accessible to customers that have a bad credit record so people who have been hit badly by their bad credit can still get a credit card, though, at a higher interest rate.

•    Online Banking
Juniper Bank also enables their customers to pay bills and manage finances through the Internet, making transactions much easier and convenient for the card holders.

•    No ATM Fees
One of the best Juniper credit card benefits that customers are thankful for is no ATM fees. The bank doesn’t charge its customers ATM fees and even reimburse card holders if the card is used in an ATM from other banks.

•    Raffle Promos
Juniper Bank has partnered with big companies to come up with raffle promos that every card holder can participate in. Recently, the bank had partnered with U.S. Airways and created a raffle promo that qualified anyone who registers for a Juniper credit card to win one of the 2,000 flights for only $0.50.

•    Wireless Alerts
Juniper Bank want to ensure that all their customer’s transactions are secured so they offered wireless updates on their card holders’ email and cell phone. Whenever someone purchases using the card, a notification is sent to make sure that the card owner is aware of the transaction. This enables the card holders to be aware of their transactions and determine fraudulent activities. This feature also enables customers to keep track of their transactions to be able to manage their finances more effectively.

Is it time for you to get a Juniper credit card? You should know the answer by now.